Review: Parfait by Affinitas Padded Janet Bra in 30G

As soon as I put on this bra, I felt like I was on Cloud Nine.  For a bra that doesn’t fit me, that’s pretty high praise.  Sadly, Parfait doesn’t make a 30GG, because I’m pretty should that if they did make that size, Janet and I would be a match made in heaven.

The Fit

Okay, so I’m suffering from what we like to call “orange in the glass” effect.  My nipples are spilling towards the middle and the bottom is wrinkling.  This means that the cup size is too small because my breast tissue cannot make it down to the bottom of the cup because the cup is too small.

The band fits my ribcage perfectly.  It’s firm, but not itchy.  It feels both supportive and uplifting.  The band sits a little bit low for my taste because I have a distented tummy (I think that’s what it’s called anyway when you’re slightly overweight and very short at the same time and some of the fat comes up into your underbust area.

Unfortunately, because I’m so short, straps are an issue.  Even though they’re fully adjustable, they dig into the side of my arms.  I also have sloping shoulders, so straps are kind of an issue usually anyway.

That being said, the gore placement cannot have been better.  I’m so sick of gores up to my neck (not literally) that this is a nice change.  Plunges are really good for the way my breast tissue is shaped, but really horrible for my nipple placement.  It’s so frustrating.

The wires are the perfect width for me though, and that is really what pulled this bra together for a positive review.

All this being said, it’s really quite comfortable.

The Appearance

The shape is really quite round and magnificent.  I’ve missed it so bad after months with nothing but Curvy Kate unpadded bras and Freya unpadded bras and an Ewa Michalak that just doesn’t fit me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love unpadded bras, but this is the first bra that’s even close to fitting me that feels really soft all over.

The design is pretty, even if the color is really boring.  Still better than beige, but still.  I really like fashion colorways, and even though light blue is more fashion that black, beige, brown, and white, it’s not bright enough or full of patterns enough that I consider it to be a fashion colorway.

Grade: B+

Pictures will come.