Cleo Lucy in 28H

This bra disappointed me.  Like a lot.  I have two of these in the same size, one in the beautiful yellow color from Spring/Summer 2012 and one in pink (which I despise).

The issues:

  • If I don’t take in the center gore the band is too loose (I could stretch it to 36!).  If I take in in it’s too tight.
  • The gore is too damn wide.
  • The gore when taken in is too tall.
  • The cups are too deep for me.
  • The band, even though it’s really narrow flips up on the sides, like I’m wearing a longline that’s too small in the band.
  • The fabric feels really scratchy.
  • The wires are too short and too narrow.

The bra was clearly design for someone who’s deeper and fuller on bottom.  This bra’s construction actually reminds me of Freya if they had stronger underwires.  I’ve been wearing this bra since December and it hasn’t gotten any more comfortable like many people say it does.

It’s really not the bra for me.  The pink is hideous.  I love the yellow color, but I cannot stand the elf shoes look it gives me and the fact that it really really doesn’t support me.  In addition, the bra only has two rows of hooks and eyes.  The wires distort easily when the center gore isn’t modified.  My yellow (which is modified) still feels too wide at the bottom despite the fact that there isn’t even any bra there.

I don’t think there’s any other word for this, this bra is really gross on me.