Figleaves Boudoir is on a roll this season!

While I’ve not really tried any of their stuff, I feel that their styles have certainly improved.  I actually gasped out loud when I saw this season’s Carmen:

Image It’s sheer and powerful looking without the typical addition of bows and patterns.  It’s gorgeous and sexy, plus the double strap thing looks awesome.

This also comes in a babydoll for those interested in that.

The new Tantalize is definitely more interesting than many other designs being put out this season: Image The pattern used is definitely new to me.  It’s gorgeous and original.  It also comes in a half cup for smaller busted customers (A-DD):


While I’m not as taken to it, I can appreciate the Tease Silk and Lace: Image

There is a severe dearth of green bras in the fullbusted bra world.  Anything to fill that gap earns some respect from me.  Plus the fabric looks super luxurious and the narrow straps also fill the gap of narrow straps.  It’s just not for me.

Anyone have any opinions on figleaves boudoir?  Are they worth the price?  Are they as nice in person?

Masquerade Orla in 30H


I have been lusting after the Masquerade Orla for some time now.  Ever since Ewa Michalak slowed down on the production of HM style bras, their non-padded vertical seamed bras, I’ve been on the lookout for non-padded bras with vertical seams.  When the SS13 season came out, I was ecstatic to learn that Masquerade was coming out with one.

I already own a Masquerade Rhea in 28H and it’s amazingly comfortable, if a bit a of tight squeeze in the band.  I’ve been transitioning to 30 (in most brands) and 32 (in really tight brands like EM) for some time now because 28s just aren’t as comfortable as they used to be.  The thing about my Rhea is that it’s too big because I believe it’s designed for breasts with more projection than my own.  I figured I should buy a 32FF because that’s a volume smaller than my beloved Rhea and because Masquerade runs pretty tight in the band.


I ordered this from SimplyBe USA, which is probably the most confusing thing I’ve ever done.  They convert their sizes, but in a way that makes no sense.  I read somewhere on bratabase that someone ordered a a 34J and was assured it would be a 34G but then received a 34FF I believe, so I was hoping I ordered a 30GG as they were out of 32G.  Thankfully I made that mistake because the 30H fits me way better in the cup than a 30GG would.


The fabric is very soft.  The lace itself is non-stretch, but the opaque panel at the top edge of the cup is stretchy, though I still think this is probably more suitable for even to full on bottom breasts.  The band is not very stretchy at all.  I was hoping to buy a 32 band because Masquerade is one of the least stretchy band brands I’ve ever encountered.  This 30 band feels a lot like my (albeit stretched out) 28 band on my Rhea, so bear in mind if you decide to order this bra.  I’m hoping I can break it in well because I don’t think I will wear this a whole lot if the band doesn’t break in.

This bra runs really really really small in the cups.  I fit a Freya Half Cup in 30G, which are considered to run small already.  I would say this fits in the cups like in between a 28H and 28HH in a really shallow bra like the Juna.


The shape is minimized, round and not terribly uplifted, which suits me just fine, though I can understand if others are not really taken to it.  The cup is fairly short and does not have a lot of projection, so this model suits my very shallow shape well and will likely be good for breasts with less projection (though I’m not sure if that will be the case in smaller sizes).


As you can see in the above picture, the lace is a bit loose, but this is mostly due to the position I’m standing it (as it flattens my top tissue).  You can see in the other positions I stand in, the cup is firm on my breast, but not cutting in in any manner.  It’s like this bra was specifically designed for my shape breasts!


The color isn’t actually as light as my pictures make it out to be.  I would call it a really light beige, suitable as a nude colored bra for someone with extremely light skin (I’m talking like you either never see the sun or possibly albino).  The pictures might not show it very well since I look quite washed out, but I have somewhat dark skin at the moment (Sicilian skin).

The wires are strong and do not distort much in spite of the fact that this bra is definitely too small in the band.  They are wide, but not too wide.  The fabric is very lovely and soft.  Usually I find the wires or the fabric in non-padded bras to be scratchy, but that is not the case at all in this bra.

The straps are partially adjustable and fairly short I would guess (I have a short torso so I’m not the best judge of such things) as I have them adjusted to the longest setting and it’s perfect, so I don’t think I would recommend this to anyone with a longer torso.

I would definitely recommend this bra if you have similar breasts to my own.  The bra is gorgeous, non-padded, and comfortable (in spite of being too tight).

Cleo Lucy in 28H

This bra disappointed me.  Like a lot.  I have two of these in the same size, one in the beautiful yellow color from Spring/Summer 2012 and one in pink (which I despise).

The issues:

  • If I don’t take in the center gore the band is too loose (I could stretch it to 36!).  If I take in in it’s too tight.
  • The gore is too damn wide.
  • The gore when taken in is too tall.
  • The cups are too deep for me.
  • The band, even though it’s really narrow flips up on the sides, like I’m wearing a longline that’s too small in the band.
  • The fabric feels really scratchy.
  • The wires are too short and too narrow.

The bra was clearly design for someone who’s deeper and fuller on bottom.  This bra’s construction actually reminds me of Freya if they had stronger underwires.  I’ve been wearing this bra since December and it hasn’t gotten any more comfortable like many people say it does.

It’s really not the bra for me.  The pink is hideous.  I love the yellow color, but I cannot stand the elf shoes look it gives me and the fact that it really really doesn’t support me.  In addition, the bra only has two rows of hooks and eyes.  The wires distort easily when the center gore isn’t modified.  My yellow (which is modified) still feels too wide at the bottom despite the fact that there isn’t even any bra there.

I don’t think there’s any other word for this, this bra is really gross on me.

Bravissimo Parisian Plume in 28HH

Let me start off by saying that there were a ton of problems with this bra that theoretically should make this close to unwearable for me.

The issues:

  • The center gore is too high for me.  As you go further up my breasts, they get closer together.  This means that the top of the center gore sits on my breast tissue
  • The band is too tight for me
  • The cup is slightly too small for me.  My largish areola’s peak out of the top.  It’s like quad boob, only it’s not really because if it were breast tissue it wouldn’t cut in.  It only cuts in due to my pointy nipples.
  • The underwires are too short on the side and are easily distorted
  • The gore pushes away from the top of my chest when I lean over or bring my arms too far forward
  • The straps are too wide set for my narrow front.

Despite all this, I’m somehow convinced that this bra was made with me in mind.  The wires are really nice and wide.  If they were taller, I would actually for once have a bra that’s wide enough to contain all my side breast tissue.

Another thing is that I’ve never worn anything so minimizing in my life (or really any minimizer at all).  I find that I quite like the feeling of being hugged by my bra.  Everything feels so secure.  The only thing that even comes close to this level of security is my brand new Panache Sport in 28H.

I really like the way my breasts are shaped above the cup.  I usually find that there’s nothing much going on above the cup when I wear a bra.  The uplift is magnificent though.  It’s the very definition of lift and contour.

I don’t really like the color or pattern.  It’s too gaudy for me, but thankfully it doesn’t show too badly under shirts.

So in conclusion.  I really like the bra despite all the warning signs against it.  I find it comfortable.  I really look forward to trying a Bravissimo half cup in a better size (I’m thinking 30HH is probably what I’m looking for in their offerings).

Link to pictures of this bra (I had it transferred from another bratabase user) so all of the pictures are of the exact bra:

Review: Parfait by Affinitas Padded Janet Bra in 30G

As soon as I put on this bra, I felt like I was on Cloud Nine.  For a bra that doesn’t fit me, that’s pretty high praise.  Sadly, Parfait doesn’t make a 30GG, because I’m pretty should that if they did make that size, Janet and I would be a match made in heaven.

The Fit

Okay, so I’m suffering from what we like to call “orange in the glass” effect.  My nipples are spilling towards the middle and the bottom is wrinkling.  This means that the cup size is too small because my breast tissue cannot make it down to the bottom of the cup because the cup is too small.

The band fits my ribcage perfectly.  It’s firm, but not itchy.  It feels both supportive and uplifting.  The band sits a little bit low for my taste because I have a distented tummy (I think that’s what it’s called anyway when you’re slightly overweight and very short at the same time and some of the fat comes up into your underbust area.

Unfortunately, because I’m so short, straps are an issue.  Even though they’re fully adjustable, they dig into the side of my arms.  I also have sloping shoulders, so straps are kind of an issue usually anyway.

That being said, the gore placement cannot have been better.  I’m so sick of gores up to my neck (not literally) that this is a nice change.  Plunges are really good for the way my breast tissue is shaped, but really horrible for my nipple placement.  It’s so frustrating.

The wires are the perfect width for me though, and that is really what pulled this bra together for a positive review.

All this being said, it’s really quite comfortable.

The Appearance

The shape is really quite round and magnificent.  I’ve missed it so bad after months with nothing but Curvy Kate unpadded bras and Freya unpadded bras and an Ewa Michalak that just doesn’t fit me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love unpadded bras, but this is the first bra that’s even close to fitting me that feels really soft all over.

The design is pretty, even if the color is really boring.  Still better than beige, but still.  I really like fashion colorways, and even though light blue is more fashion that black, beige, brown, and white, it’s not bright enough or full of patterns enough that I consider it to be a fashion colorway.

Grade: B+

Pictures will come.