Figleaves Boudoir is on a roll this season!

While I’ve not really tried any of their stuff, I feel that their styles have certainly improved.  I actually gasped out loud when I saw this season’s Carmen:

Image It’s sheer and powerful looking without the typical addition of bows and patterns.  It’s gorgeous and sexy, plus the double strap thing looks awesome.

This also comes in a babydoll for those interested in that.

The new Tantalize is definitely more interesting than many other designs being put out this season: Image The pattern used is definitely new to me.  It’s gorgeous and original.  It also comes in a half cup for smaller busted customers (A-DD):


While I’m not as taken to it, I can appreciate the Tease Silk and Lace: Image

There is a severe dearth of green bras in the fullbusted bra world.  Anything to fill that gap earns some respect from me.  Plus the fabric looks super luxurious and the narrow straps also fill the gap of narrow straps.  It’s just not for me.

Anyone have any opinions on figleaves boudoir?  Are they worth the price?  Are they as nice in person?

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