Since everyone else seems to be doing this and it just seems like a fun exercise

So everyone else in the bra blogging community seems to be making their wishlists.  What do I want?

1) Masquerade Delphi in this season’s colorway:

I’m guessing I would be 30GG in this, but I’m not sure, since Masquerade is way out of my price range at $60 on figleaves.

2) Panache Andorra in either:


Because I need something that matches my skin tone.  It’s pretty, it gives a nice shape, it’s flexible.

Or I would like it in this beautiful mint green colorway:

3) Bravissimo Boudoir Beau bra in the beautiful black red:

4) Masquerade Maia because it looks like one of those pools where the rock is a beautiful turquoise and HOLY CRAP look at the shape!

5) Masquerade Rosetti

You noticing a pattern here yet.  I’ve been positively lusting after everything and anything Masquerade, it’s getting a little bit weird at this point.  But I have yet to find anyone who doesn’t fall in lust immediately with the Rosetti:

6) Ewa Michalak PL Czarnt Kropek

I was really upset when I learned they ran out of my size in this forever.  A girl can dream:

7) Comexim Magic Blue

Isn’t it pretty?

8) Curvy Kate Desire in Seafoam

This is coming for the Spring/Summer 2013, but I want it now!  I need a plunge so badly, it looks so soft and it really fits the bill for pretty, and comfortable looking bra:

9) Panache Sports Bra in Black

Let’s get real, sports bras are necessary, yet I manage to convince myself out of buying them every time I get the chance:

10) Panache Harmony in Red

I’m sure you’re probably puzzled by this, but it looks comfortable, and I get tired of sheer sometimes.  Regular fabric would be a nice change: